We Learn

We research Houston’s greatest air pollution challenges in collaboration with universities, regulators, and partner organizations to understand how to improve public health and quality of life.

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We Teach

Education is at the heart of Air Alliance Houston. We offer programs to give environmental organizations and green business a forum to share their work and knowledge with the public.

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We Equip

We offer tools, information, and resources to every Houstonian who wants to make our city healthier. Our ozone map gives real-time air quality so we can make good decisions for ourselves and our families.

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We Promote

We advocate for Houston’s fenceline communities, meet with legislators, partner with regulators, and organize meetings between industry and communities, and promote health and clean air related events.

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Houston's ozone concentrations are at an all-time low, but not low enough.


We've taught thousands of Houstonian students about air quality, but can reach more.


Tons of coal exported from the Gulf Coast in 2012. We're working to end coal exports.


We impact thousands of Houstonians at our Earth Day Houston festival every year.

Latest News

Houston gives Valero yet another Tax Break

Houston City Council approves a new tax break for Valero refinery, despite the company's terrible record of pollution and environmental violations.

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Upcoming Events

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Do you know your current ozone level?

Get real-time information about the current level of ozone, a dangerous pollutant with serious health risks, in your area. Breathing ozone can trigger health problems, so use our ozone map to make good decisions about when to spend time outside.