Our Campaigns

We recognize that Houston’s metropolitan area is a place of diversity where each community faces different challenges. Our campaigns take into consideration the various air quality issues and environmental injustices in neighborhoods, focusing on advocating with underserved communities who experience disproportionate and cumulative impacts from multiple sources of air pollution (Ethylene Oxide, Particulate Matter 2.5, Benzene, etc.). Read how we are prioritizing better air quality for Houston communities.

Building Healthy Communities

Houston is home to over 400 chemical and manufacturing facilities, over 180 concrete batch plants, and more than 140 metal recycling facilities that can expose residents to harmful air pollutants. Due to the absence of adequate land-use policies, many residents live, work and play near these sources of air pollution.

Clean Air for Port Communities

Industrial Emissions Regulation and Enforcement

Advancing Climate Justice

Supporting Sustainable & Equitable Transportation

The Houston region faces many challenges regarding transportation and the health of its residents that will likely worsen if appropriate actions are not taken. Houston’s particulate matter and smog levels remain unhealthy, and vehicle traffic is a significant contributor to Houston’s stubborn air pollution problem as well as a significant source of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

I-45 Expansion: Health Impact Assessment and Community Organizing

Clean and Just Transportation Planning

Protecting Against Chemical Disasters

Major chemical incidents are far too frequent in the Houston area, putting the health and well-being of residents at risk. Communities of color and with lower income are particularly vulnerable as hazardous facilities are disproportionately concentrated in these neighborhoods.

Toxic Alert System

Monitoring Our Air

The prevalence and proximity of industrial and transportation-related air pollution to Houston’s sprawling residential developments reveals wide gaps in our region’s air monitoring network. A robust community air monitoring network is needed to better understand communities’ exposure to toxic air pollution on the neighborhood scale and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

Community Air Monitoring Network

Sampling the City

Past Campaigns

Metal Air Pollution Partnerships Solutions (MAPPS)

Ozone Theater

Earth Day Festival & Art Contest

Bridge to Clean Air

Anti-Idling Ordinances

Air Pollution and Public Health in Galena Park