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Use our interactive, easy-to-use BREATHE dashboard to get information about environmental hazards in your neighborhood and track emission events, air quality permit applications, environmental complaints and more.


Air Monitoring

Are you concerned about the air quality in your area or want to know when you should take precautions due to unhealthy air? Use these tools to check the latest air quality information or to sign up for air pollution alerts.

Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency’s real-time air quality map at AirNow to check your local air quality.


TCEQ GeoTAM Map Viewer

Visit Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)’s GeoTAM map viewer for detailed hourly information about air pollution, weather and other parameters measured at public monitoring sites.


Purple Air

Check the PurpleAir Map to see where our Purple Air Particulate Matter (PM) monitors are located and track the real-time data.


Sign Up for Ozone Action Day Alerts

The TCEQ issues alerts when high ozone is predicted for your area. These alerts can help you determine whether or not it’s safe to spend extended amounts of time outside for daily activities.

Community Air Quality

Seeking more information on how to advocate for better air quality in your community but not sure where to start? Submit your questions here or call us at (713) 528-3779.

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Research and Reports

We conduct equity-based research to help illuminate patterns and the root causes of health inequities in our communities. Find out more by reading our research and reports.

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Data Resources

Whether you are an academic or an advocate, we have listed some great publicly available tools, databases, interactive maps, and other resources that can help inform your air pollution research or community advocacy. 

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