Air Alliance Houston is your partner and resource as you seek the best quality of life for yourself and your family. We are a source for the best Houston air quality knowledge, we provide tools for a healthier life, and we advocate for communities’ improved health and air quality. Our passion is working with the community, other organizations, health and regulatory professionals, and industry leaders to make Houston a healthier place to live and work.

Our History

For more than 25 years, Houstonians have banded together to work for clean air in a healthier, more environmentally friendly Houston through activities that came under the Air Alliance Houston umbrella in 2010.

Our Staff

Our devoted staff is passionate about clean air because it’s a part of everything. Meet the people who work every day for a healthier Houston community through Air Alliance Houston’s programs.

Our Board of Directors

Air Alliance Houston’s Board of Directors is a collection of Texan leaders who provide excellent guidance and insight into how we can constantly improve in our efforts to build a healthier Houston.


Do you have a passion for clean air and healthy communities? Contact us to find out about job opportunities at Air Alliance Houston, and join our team of committed, compassionate and knowledgeable staff.