Bakeyah Nelson, Executive Director

Dr. Bakeyah Nelson has been working to improve public health for the past several years in the Houston region. Prior to joining Air Alliance Houston, Dr. Nelson most recently served as a consultant supporting work to advance the dialogue about the policies and practices that produce health inequities which includes the overconcentration of environmental hazards and exposures in communities of color and low-income. She previously served in the Office of Policy and Planning for Harris County Public Health where she was responsible for monitoring community health status throughout Harris County and facilitating the planning and implementation of community-based assessment initiatives to improve health.

Paige Powell, Director of Operations

paige powell

Paige has worked with Air Alliance Houston since 2013, but has been a public servant and advocate for the environment since her youth. An alumna of the University of Houston, she studied economics and political science as an undergrad, and currently pursues a Certified Public Manager designation from the Hobby School of Public Affairs. Outside of these, Paige spends her time raising a young daughter, volunteering with local youth organizations, playing music, practicing yoga, and crafting in needlepoint.

Juan Flores, Community Outreach Coordinator

Juan Flores

Juan is a Community Outreach Coordinator for Air Alliance Houston.  He is a Houston area native and studied at the University of Houston.  He is a community activist and community leader. Juan enjoys family, sports, the outdoors, and being part of many great social organizations.

Leticia Ablaza, Community Outreach Director

Leticia is a Houston native and the Community Outreach Coordinator for our Pasadena Community Project. She is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and of Milby High School. She previously served as the Chief of Staff for City Council District A Councilmember Helena Brown.

Paula Torrado, Community Outreach Coordinator

paula headshot










Paula is a Community Outreach Coordinator for Air Alliance Houston. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Currently, she plans to put all her efforts on the Pasadena Community Project with the goal of reducing air pollution in the area. She has always had a great passion for nature and its processes. Her love for the environment and learning involved her in wanting to change the world’s perspective on the environment. She has devoted her time to learn about global climate, earth, the environment, and the state and local policies surrounding them. She has done work for Texas Campaign for the Environment and volunteered for The Sierra Club.

Also, she has worked as a research assistant for the Atmospheric Sciences Department at the University of Houston for an Ozone analysis project. She convectively believes that nothing is impossible and from every experience there is something to learn.