Clean Air, Healthy Future.

Air Alliance Houston is a nonprofit organization that believes everyone has a right to breathe clean air. Through applied research, education, and advocacy, we work together to deliver cleaner air for a healthier future.


We research air quality challenges and their solutions to better understand impacts on public health.


We provide information about Houston’s air quality and equip communities with the tools they need to advocate for clean air.


We work with communities, advocacy groups, decision-makers, and the media to affect policies that will improve quality of life.

Why do we work for clean air?

AAH works to reduce air pollution exposure in communities to protect public health. Houston houses America’s largest petrochemical hub. Every year, millions of pounds of pollution are released from hazardous facilities and heavy traffic, and the city has never met national air quality standards for ozone. Major chemical incidents are frequent, and industry is rarely penalized for illegal air pollution releases. Poor air quality harms the human body, leading to increases in asthma, heart attacks, cancer, and other illnesses. It is especially dangerous to children, putting our most vulnerable in harm’s way.

Our Vision

Improving our air is our mission. We envision a Houston where everyone can breathe clean air, every day. By working with coalitions, communities, and decision-makers to address environmental injustices, we fight for a future in which where you live, work, learn and play will not determine your health.

Know the Facts

74% of Houston residents worry about the impact of Houston’s air quality on their family’s health.

Air quality in Houston has improved, but we have more work to do. For over 25 years, Air Alliance Houston has worked to hear your concerns, research the solutions, educate the public and affect policy to protect public health.

Public Resources

File a Complaint with City of Houston

Report an air quality complaint with the City of Houston Health Department.


File a Complaint with Harris County

Report an air quality complaint with the Harris County Pollution Services Department.


File a Complaint to TCEQ

Submit an air quality complaint to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).



Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s real-time air quality map at AirNow to check your local air quality.



Use our interactive BREATHE dashboard to learn about environmental hazards in your neighborhood.


Neighborhood Witness

Sign up to Neighborhood Witness to receive alerts and report polluters in your area.

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