⚡️ METRO is going electric ⚡️

On August 26, the METRO Houston Board of Directors approved a goal to fully electrify the transit agency’s entire fleet of buses by 2030 and develop a Climate Action Plan for approval no later than January 2022.

We are glad to see METRO taking initiative in minding community and environmental health in their new vision. This is a great step forward in creating healthier communities considering Houston’s air quality status as one of the worst in the nation according to the American Lung Association.METRO’S FULL SUSTAINABILITY VISION STATEMENT

Electrifying public transportation is an important first step in helping to reduce air pollution both locally and regionally. Learn more about the benefits of electric buses here from Environment America. This alone will not bring us the pollution-free environment that communities need, but by reducing our region’s dependence on single-person vehicles and adopting more green transit we move closer to cleaner air.

Read more about our campaign to support Sustainable and Equitable Transportation HERE.

Tuesday, August 31, the Texas Transportation Commission voted on their 10-year budget that allows the expansion of I-45 North.READ OUR FULL STATEMENT ON THE TTC’S DECISION

This project would not only elevate the use of single-person cars and make Houston that much more dependent on roads, but also destroy the homes of those who would be ‘in the way’ of construction and increase air pollution along the freeway near places where we learn, play and pray. 

You can read more about the North Houston Highway Improvement Project in relation to our Sustainable and Equitable Transportation campaign HERE.

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