ACT NOW: Texans want accountability for polluting facilities!

HB 1820, which would help push corporations to do more to prevent industrial fires and chemical releases, has been passed out of committee and we need to keep the bill moving through the Legislature. Urge your Representatives to stand up to polluters.

On April 23, House Bill 1820 was passed through the House Environmental Regulation Committee with 5 ayes and 3 nays and is currently waiting to be scheduled for a full House vote.

This bill would establish annual limits on the volume and frequency of emissions events a facility is allowed before their permit is suspended or revoked; (2) create minimum penalty requirements for emission events that meet certain criteria; (3) strengthen penalty requirements for certain environmental violations – particularly for repeat offenders or those violations that result in injury or death of first responders; and (4) tie penalty amounts to the inflation rate.

Take Action by writing to your Representatives demanding that they work to get this legislation onto the House floor and vote favorably on it to keep it moving through the House and onto the Senate to protect citizens of Texas.

Let lawmakers know that we want to make polluters pay for what they are doing to our health and our shared home.TAKE ACTION!

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