ACT NOW: Texas needs more transit, sidewalks and bike lanes!

orty-two people showed up in support of HJR 109 at the House Transportation Committee hearing on April 20. We’ve got their attention to funnel more funding for transit, sidewalks, and bicycle paths in Texas. Let’s use this momentum to urge the committee members to advance HJR 109 for a full House vote.

Did you know that 97% of Texas’ state transportation funding is constitutionally dedicated to freeway projects? Two bills filed this legislative session, HJR 109 and SJR 40, if passed, would open up the State Highway Fund to be able to be used for ALL types of transportation projects, not just highway expansions. Currently, SJR 40 is still waiting for a committee hearing.

On Tuesday, April 20, HJR 109 had its hearing in the House Transportation Committee and has been left pending in committee. Texans need more options to get around than a personal car, so we need the committee to vote YES on this bill and send it on to be considered before the full House.

Send a message to your state elected officials and tell them that this issue is important to you and ask them to support HJR 109.

We must raise our voices to show that Texans want more transportation options than cars.TAKE ACTION!

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