Air Alliance Houston Statement on City of Houston’s Climate Action Plan

Statement by Harrison Humphreys, AAH Transportation Policy Advocate

For immediate release – April 22, 2020

“The release of the City of Houston’s Climate Action Plan is the first step in mitigating the climate crisis. Our organization, Air Alliance Houston, is encouraged by the city’s commitment to pursue the goals aggressively and to ensure equitable execution of the plan. If we hope to achieve the stated goals, we must ensure that every new local initiative — every ordinance, every city code, every investment — is also evaluated through the lens of true climate justice. This action plan is not a finish line for the process, but the jumping-off point for more ambitious goals and proposals. As a next step, we urge the City of Houston to collaborate with Harris County to expand this plan into a regional initiative that is more comprehensive in nature. Regional collaboration is key to addressing the root causes of the impending climate crisis — namely our over-reliance on fossil fuels to power our society and economy.”


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