Sampling the Cities: Data Review

Last month, Air Alliance Houston provided Flow2 air monitors for three biking and walking events to monitor community air quality in Sunnyside, OST-South Union and 5th Ward, held June 5, 12, and 19, respectively. Despite heat and high humidity, we had wonderful community turnout at all three events.

Read here a Houston Chronicle article reporting on the Sunnyside event. 

Map: Fifth Ward, OST-South Union and Sunnyside communities

On June 23, we hosted two Zoom meetings to review the data collected. Xiara Day, Clean Air Fellow for Air Alliance Houston and David MacLean of McMac Cx shared information about the pollutants participants were exposed to during the different “Sampling the City” events.

AAH’s Xiara Day talks about the impacts of air pollution

David McClean of McMac Cx explains the data from the events

Every year across the planet, 7 million people die prematurely because of air pollution according to the World Health Organization.

With air pollution occuring in our own backyard as well as around the world, conducting events such as these is important so that we can raise awareness of air pollution issues, generate more localized air quality data and continue to support communities with action plans to address the root causes. 

Watch the Zoom recording of one of our Data Review Sessions below for a snapshot of the data “breathed in” by the Flow2 personal air monitors in sections of the three communities and to find out about the next steps planned. We also introduce some of the personal air quality data tools that are available to the public.

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