Searching for volunteers to host air monitors in the Gulfton area

Worried about air pollution in the Gulfton community? Air Alliance Houston is searching for volunteers to host air monitors that look like this…

This is a PurpleAir air monitor. It is about the size of a coffee mug and can be zip tied or screwed to the outside of a building. It measures Particulate Matter pollution; these are particles that are small enough to be inhaled, and can include dust, dirt, soot, or smoke.LEARN MORE ABOUT AIR QUALITY

Our goal is to create a community air monitoring system that gives communities (and us at Air Alliance Houston) access to localized and timely data that can be used to advocate for better air quality, because everyone has a right to breathe clean air.READ MORE ABOUT COMMUNITY AIR MONITORING

If you would like to host a monitor our Community Air Monitoring Program Manager, Juan Flores, is excited to hear from you and can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 713.533.6351.

Equipment availability is limited, therefore not all who express interest will be able to host a monitor.

Read more about the program in the following flyer.

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