TAKE ACTION: A concrete batch plant proposed at 4213 Mooney Road

Nomadic Aggregates, LLC, has applied for a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to construct a new concrete batch plant in Northeast Houston. If authorized, the new plant would be located at 4213 Mooney Road, Houston, Harris County, Texas 77093. You can find more information about the permit application here.

If you’re living in the area, your quality of life may be directly impacted by this facility. 

Concrete batch plants can emit large amounts of harmful particulate matter pollution, create a safety hazard from increased truck traffic on residential streets, and become a noisy nuisance. These plants are currently permitted to operate 24/7.

However, it’s not too late to take action!

State Representative Armando Walle has requested that the TCEQ organize a public meeting for residents to express their concerns about the proposed facility. We strongly encourage you to attend:

Thursday, January 30th
at 6:30pm
North East Community Center
10918 1/2 Bentley Street
Houston, Texas 77093Additionally, residents who feel that they may be affected by this facility, and live within a quarter-mile of the plant, should file a contested case hearing request as soon as possible and at the latest before the close of the public meeting on January 30th.

When submitting your request, be sure to include the permit number 158474 and the following information:

(1) your name (or for a group or association, an official representative), mailing address, daytime phone number;

(2) applicant’s name and registration number

(3) the statement “[I/we] request a contested case hearing”

(4) a specific description of how you would be adversely affected by the application and air emissions from the facility in a way not common to the general public

(5) the location and distance of your property relative to the facility

(6) a description of how you use the property which may be impacted by the facility.

(7) a list of all disputed issues that you may have identified prior to submitting your request.

Click here to submit a contested case hearing request to TCEQ now!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for assistance at [email protected] or 713-528-3779.

Further advice on how to file a contested case hearing request will also be provided at the January 30th public meeting.

Raise your concerns to your elected officials:

Armando Walle, State Representative, District 140[email protected] | 512-463-0924 (Capitol office) | (713) 694-8620 (Houston office)

Carol Alvarado, State Senator, District 6[email protected] | 512-463-0106 (Capitol office) | (713) 453-5100 (Houston office)

Adrian Garcia, Harris County Commissioner[email protected] | 713-755-6220

Sylvia Garcia, U.S. RepresentativeEmail | (202) 225-1688 (Washington office) | (832) 325-3150 (Houston office)

Learn more about the air quality impacts:

Why is the Nomadic Aggregates concrete plant a problem?

En español: TOME ACCIÓN: Una planta de procesamiento de concreto esta propuesta para 4213 Mooney Road

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