Urge H-GAC to delay vote on $100 Million for the I-45 Expansion

On July 26th, the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) Transportation Policy Council (TPC) is holding a vote on whether to provide the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with $100 million to begin funding Segment 2 of their I-45 highway expansion project, also known as the North Houston Highway Expansion Project (NHHIP). TPC members voting in favor of funding would signal the region’s support for the project as it is currently designed and would attract a match from the Texas Transportation Commission to provide the remainder of the $1.225 billion needed to build Segment 2.

Until now TxDOT has not sufficiently addressed the growing community concerns about the project’s negative impacts, including increasing congestion, safety and mobility, housing and displacement, the local economy, flooding, erasure of historical neighborhood landmarks and heritage, and air quality, nor has the Environmental Impact Statement of the project been finalized. In addition, TxDOT and city officials are still in the midst of further community engagement to collect additional feedback from impacted residents.

We urge the H-GAC TPC members not to rush this decision and to delay their vote until 2020 so TxDOT has time to hear the community, address the concerns, and consider alternative designs.

We encourage everyone to speak up. We cannot stress enough the importance of community participation and the power of collective action. Here’s what you can do:


The TPC meeting will take place on July 26th at 9 AM at the H-GAC main office:

2nd Floor – Conference Room B
3555 Timmons Lane
Houston TX 77027

Please consider signing up for public comments at this meeting. Let the Council know your story and how you feel.

When you arrive, sign in to the meeting to speak. Prepare your remarks beforehand; there is a time limit of 3 minutes per speaker. Please let us know if you need help with drafting your remarks.


Contact TPC members and voice your concerns about the I-45 expansion:

  • Ken Clark – Galveston County Commissioner & TPC Chair; 281.316.8744, [email protected]
  • David Robinson – Houston Councilmember & TPC 1st Vice Chair; 832.393.3013, [email protected]
  • Lina Hidalgo – Harris County Judge & TPC voting member; 713.274.7023, [email protected]
  • Steve Radack – Harris County Commissioner & TPC voting member; 713.755.6306, [email protected]
  • Amanda Edwards – Houston Councilmember & TPC voting member; 832.393.3012, [email protected]
  • Jeff Weatherford – Houston Public Works & TPC voting member; 832.395.2461, [email protected]
  • Carrin Patman – METRO Board Chair & TPC voting member; 713.739.4834, [email protected]
  • Chuck Wemple – H-GAC Executive Director & TPC voting member; 713.993.4514, [email protected]

If you live outside of Harris County, see here for other TPC members you can contact.

Contact your elected officials:

If you cannot attend the TPC meeting, please send written comments to:
[email protected] and address them to Honorable Kenneth Clark, the TPC chair. All written comments will be distributed to the 28 voting members of the TPC as a part of their written materials. Please note: Any written comments must be sent before July 17th.

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