Take Survey on I-45 Expansion Alternatives

If you couldn’t participate in the recent workshops to share your opinions on the City’s proposed design changes to the Texas Department of Transportation’s I-45 expansion project, it’s not yet too late to weigh in!

The City has added all meeting materials and created an online survey on its website. The survey will close on February 14. 

Please take a moment to submit your feedback and “vote” for your preferred alternative proposals. Your voice counts! feedback will help Mayor Turner negotiate with TxDOT. Once the survey closes, the public feedback will be synthesized into preferred alternative designs by Huitt-Zollars and the University of Houston’s Community Design Resource Center (on behalf of the City).These designs will be first brought to a facilitation team made up of community representatives, advocates, city and county staff, business interests, and TxDOT staff; from there, the designs will be passed along to the Mayor’s Steering Committee and the Mayor, who will submit his proposal to TxDOT, and ultimately speak for the City of Houston.Please visit the City’s website for more information on the public engagement process.
We strongly encourage you to share your opinions and to spread the word about this survey among your friends and family.


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